A vast number of EU and education experts participate in the international conference of “Turkey and EU Common Values: Reflections of the Education System” which is organized in Ankara within the scope of “Students Learning about the EU Project” implemented by the Ministry of National Education. The conference, which lasts for two days on December 16-17, focuses on how education can be a tool to increase awareness regarding the EU common values in Turkish society.

On the first day of the conference, which Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı participate in, Head of Delegation of the European Union Ambassador Hansjörg Haber, European Union and Foreign Relations General Director of Ministry of National Education Ziya Yediyıldız, Head of the Central Finance and Contracts Unit Emine Döğer, Team Leader of “Students Learning about the EU Project” Willem Kolthof will give speeches. On the same day, the conference theme speech titled “Education for Converging on Common Values” will be made by Daria Duilovic Rowe who is the Head of Education Policy of Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia Herzigovina (Senior Programme Officer for EU Projects). Besides, Mesut Kamiloğlu, Head of Turkish National Agency will give information about Erasmus+ Programme. The EU Expert Dr. Sergij Gabrscek participating in the conference from Slovenia will speak about “Mainstreaming of EU Common Values to Secondary School Education System”. EU Affairs Expert Arzu Akar from Ministry for EU Affairs, Directorate of Social, Regional and Innovative Policies will take place in the programme with her speech titled as “Negotiation Chapter 26: Education and Culture in EU Accession Process.” Following the speech “The Contributions of the Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education Project” of Michael Ingledow, Head of Turkey Office, Council of Europe Programme Officer; Prof. Dr. Sanem Baykal, Head of Ankara University European Union Research Center will give information about “EU Education Policy in the light of Fundamental Values of the EU.” On the first day of the Conference, Senior Statistician Oğuzhan Akyıldırım from Council of Europe and who is also one of the researchers of “Students Learning about the EU” Project will share the results of the situation analysis conducted in the framework of the project by his speech themed “EU Awareness in EU Countries and Turkey”.

New approaches in education in EU will be discussed

The second day of the conference will continue with interactive seminar groups which allow participants be more active. The seminar groups titled “New Approaches in the Education in EU Countries: Sharing of Best Examples” and “Mainstreaming of EU Common Values to Secondary School Education System” will be facilitated by Associate Professor Dr. Zafer Çelik from Yıldırım Beyazıt University – Department of Sociology, Assistant Manager Erhan Akdemir from Anadolu University – EU Center, EU Expert Dr. Sergij Gabrscek, Senior Statistician Oğuzhan Akyıldırım from Council of Europe. At the panel session to be held in the end of the day, the results of the group studies will be discussed. The panel session will be facilitated by Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of National Education Associate Professor Dr. Mustafa Hilmi Çolakoğlu.

Coordinator teachers, provincial directors of Ministry of National Education from 81 provinces, Ministry personnel and representatives of relevant institutions will attend the Conference.

With its full name; “Technical Assistance Project for Students Learning about the EU: Common Values, Fundamental Rights and Policies” is a project implemented between – December 2014 December 2016, having a budget of 3 million 256 thousand Euros, consisting of many activities, particulary knowledge, painting, slogan and short story competitions, aiming to create awareness about the EU,

Turkey and EU Common Values: Reflections on the Education System

International Conference

Date: 16-17 December 2015

Time: 09.00 – 17.00

Place: HiltonSA

Kavaklıdere, Tahran Cad. No: 12, Ankara

Project Web Page: abyiogren.meb.gov.tr

For detailed information: Gamze Göker – Communication Expert for “Students Learning about the EU” Project ggoker@eptisa.com, 530 175 21 06